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The ultimate painting system-Lotus paint

An exterior coating which comes with a  8 years warranty and 15 years life.
Repels water and is a must for coastal humid, saline and harsh atmospheric Conditions.
Gripper Lotus Paint

Premium Wall Finishes

Look,Who's behind every good looking Walls !!

Premium wall finishes from STERLING.

Water proofing penetration anti-carbonation paint

Dampness Protection for concrete and masonary buildings.It prevents water and chloride intrusion for longer life of a building.A must do coating for all new constructions.

Hotel Oberoi Towers,
(Protected by STERLINGS's Damp Seal)
Tech Notes:
How to protect & waterproof your building and increase its life--A free publication by STERLING LEYLAND (Acrobat file)
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Pro-Tech-Tall.. 20000  A Composite Water Proofing System

Flexifill provides an impermeable barrier and prevents seepage of water and can be used for all water proofing applications.However difficult the actual conditions may be.
Pro-Tech-Tall 2000
Pro-Tech-Tall 500


Sterling Terrace Coat paints are ideal for terrace water proofing applications because it provides Nontoxic,Tough,Durable & Chemical Resistant Film.

(Adorn your wall with Sterling Masterpieces)
Technical Characteristics


The armour of your Building

Synthetic Elastomeric Plaster that does not only protects but also gives a pleasing stone cut or mural finish.

Premium Wall Finishes
The forever finish...

Premium Wall finish,an alternative for natural stones manufactured with technical know-how from Roselli,Italy.

A global breakthrough concept in wall finish from Leyland,UK

Single Cell Multi-Colour Marble finish from Leyland,UK.Over 33 shades and 18 patterns.

Wall Finish

(World Class Finishes)

Gran Tuff a versatile Multi-Colour spray on Granite finish suitable for exterior ,Interior and Flooring applications up to 20 colours in one single coat and 5000 different combinations possible.

Wall Textures

1.Mystique Lagoon
2.Mystique Emerald
3.Mystique Platinum
6. Rivera Gripper
7.Minar King
8.Minar Prince
9.Deco Quartz

10.Flat Pearl (Small)
11.Flat Pearl
12.Royal Silver
13.Astra Plast (Fine)
14.Astra Plast(Medium)
15.Astraplast (Big)
16.Antique Copper
17.Antique Silver
18.Antique Bronze

Prima Donna is the up to the minute patented technology in water based urethane.It is very tough,has a sheen and wear resistance suited for both Interior & Exterior.

Towers ,Chennai
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Decorative,Clean,Abrasion and Chemical Resistant,easy maintenance floor Finish.

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Arihant-  Majestic Towers ,Koyembedu
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!! Please Note: Mr.V.R.Srinivasan is a freelance consultant and not a dealer of STERLINGS Product!!.

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